Since its establishment in early 2001, Capital Beirut College has been considered one of the leading institutions in the field, an has ever since been expanding in all aspects. Both the number of students and the variety of courses we offer has been expanding.

We are proud to be the only college offering University majors / courses. Hundreds of our graduating students are easily finding their target careers and are positioned in respectful jobs in Lebanon and abroad. We are and will always try our best to further innovate and excel our teaching procedures and techniques for the welfare of our students and their future.

    • The first Academic institute in Lebanon related to its terms of reference and University programs .
    • Governmental decree no. 603
    • Shorten your educational duration in two years.
    • For a better future in an era of professions and technology
    • We welcome affiliations from all Countries
    • Do you have any practical experience in any specialized domain, enroll and obtain your legalized certificate


Required Documents

  • Latest educational study according to specialized field
  • Two photos
  • Copy of I.D.


The student is granted at the end of study period

  • Certified statement of completion of studies granted by the Ministry of Professional Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Health Ministry.
  • Statement of ranking
  • Certified statement of training for the related field
المعهد التربوي
        اول معهد في لبنان بإختصاصاته الجامعية وبرامجه الخاصة .
          مرسوم جمهوري رقم 603 .
            إختصر بسنتين مدة دراستك .


              لمستقبل افضل في عصر المهن والتكنولوجيا .
                نستقبل إنتسابات من كافة الدول .
                  لديك خبرة عملية في اي إختصاص، إنتسب واحصل على شهادتك المصدقة آخر العام الدراسي .

 المستـندات المطلوبة 

                      آخر تحصيل علمي حسب الإختصاص .
                        صورتين شمسية .
                          صورة عن الهوية .

يحصل الطالب نهاية العام الدراسي 

                                إفادة إنهاء مصدقة من وزارة التربية والتعليم المهني، وزارة الخارجية، وزارة الصحة حسب الاختصاص .
                                  إفادة علامات .