Beirut capital college

Since its foundation in early 2001, capital college Beirut is one of the leading institutions in this field, and since then it has been expanding in all aspects. We have been expanding both the number of students and a variety of courses that we offer

We are proud to be the only college offering undergraduate majors / courses. Hundreds of our graduating students easily find their targeted jobs and are assigned to respectable jobs in Lebanon and abroad we will always do our best to continue to innovate and excel in our teaching procedures and techniques for the well-being and future of our students

The academy

-The first academic institute in Lebanon related to its competencies and university programs.
-Government Decree No. 603
-Shorten your educational period in two years.
-For a better future in the age of professions and technology
-Affiliations from all countries are welcome
Do you have any practical experience in any specialized field, register and get your certificate certified


Required Documents

Latest educational study according to specialization
Two pictures.
Copy of ID card

The student is awarded at the end of the study period

Certified certificate of completion of studies granted by the Ministry of vocational education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health
Order statement
Certified training statement for the relevant field

Educational Institute

  • – The first institute in Lebanon with its own university
  • – specialties and programs.
  • – Republican Decree No. 603
  • – Two years short of your studies.
  • – For a better future in the age of professions and technology.
  • – We receive affiliations from all countries.
  • – Have practical experience in any specialty, enroll and get your certified certificate at the end of the academic year.

Required Documents

  • – The last academic achievement according to the specialty.
  • – Two photos.
  • – A copy of the ID.

The student gets at the end of the school year

  • – Termination statement certified by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Health, according to the specialization.
  • – Statement of grades